Clinical Practitioners

Clinical Practitioners are an integral part of Waterfield House Surgery and are supported by on-call GP.  

Physician Associate (PA)  are one such clinical practitioner. PA is a graduate, usually with a science degree, who has completed a 2 year Post Graduate programme in clinical skills. Trained to assess patients’ problems in a similar way to doctors. PAs assist doctors through consulting, managing challenging tasks, and allowing GPs to concentrate on the most complex cases. Currently they are unable to prescribe medications or request ionising radiation (eg chest x-ray or CT scan). PAs are a relatively new discipline and have great potential within General Practice.

Miss Amelia Green is our Physician Associate working on Monday, Wednesday (AM) and Thursday (AM)

Mr Ross Smith is our Clinical (Paramedic) Practitioner working on Thursdays and Fridays

Ms Nasreen Uddin is our Clinical Pharmacist working on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

A range of healthcare professionals work at, or are attached to surgery to help you get the right care for you. To know more about them please click here.