Group Consultation


Group Consultations are one-to-one appointments within a group setting, delivered by a clinician & supported by a facilitator, either virtually or face-to-face

Why a Group Clinic?

Group clinics have long been considered a valuable tool for maintaining health for groups of patients in similar situations, such as those living with a long-term condition. In this way, not only are we able to talk with a healthcare professional, we can share experiences and learn from others with real-life experiences of the same problem or issue.

Video Group Consultation (VGC)

By using VGCs we are able to continue patient care, as if we are in the same room, but from the safety of our own homes. Some people even join from their places of work!

Taking care of your personal information

Before you join a Video Group Clinic we want to ensure that you understand your rights. Take a look at the following for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions on VGC

What are video group clinics?

Video group clinics are a way for you to join people with similar health issues and consult with your GP or nurse for longer. You may also see consultants, pharmacists, social prescribers and health coaches in this way. They are also known as video group consultations or shared medical appointments. We are currently trialling this new method of offering you healthcare and welcome your feedback.

You spend longer with the clinician than you would in a one to one appointment. People find having more time for questions and the chance to learn from other people’s experiences and share their own mean they learn more, cope better and often succeed in keeping themselves well.

Do I consent to participate?

Yes, there is a consent process in place and this helps you and others stay safe and preserves the whole group’s confidentiality.

Watch a video explaining the consent process here.

What's the benefit of a video group clinic?

People who have participated in face to face group clinics say that they enjoy hearing from other people in a similar situation and having longer to talk about their worries. They say they enjoy sharing their concerns, what has worked for them and what doesn’t but also hearing from other people’s success. They report feeling a sense of belonging and that they are no longer alone in trying to manage their condition such as asthma, diabetes or depression.

This alternative delivery method is not just in response to COVID-19. We see it as a real alternative for some (not all!) that offers all involved key benefits.

Can I still have a one to one telephone or face to face consultation with my doctor or nurse?

Yes, we will always offer face to face appointments and one to one appointments. Video group clinics are used as an extra way to support those who want to join in.

What happens if I am late joining?

You may not be allowed to join the group as it is important that everyone has agreed at the start to confidentiality and confirms their identity. It also disrupts the group for others. You may be asked to book into another group clinic or one to one appointment.

How do I join my video group clinic?

You will need an email account or mobile phone with internet access and access to the internet in a private place. You don’t need any special programs as you will be sent a link to 2 | Briefing template click on and access one of the suitable video platforms such as Microsoft TeamsThis is how we recommend you join:

1. Before the group, read the group clinic agreement

In the VGC, you will be asked to confirm that you are happy to participate on this basis, and that you agree to keep all information that group members share confidential

2. Check your privacy settings.

If you already use or have an account with Microsoft Teams, make sure you 'Log Out' before you join the VGC

3. Join from a comfortable space.

The VGC lasts 60 to 90 minutes. Make sure you are comfortable and that you have enough battery power to last this time. Ideally plug your device in to the power socket before you join the VGC.

4. Be on your own unless you have asked someone to attend with you.

We understand you may be joining from home or work. If there is anyone else in the room and they can hear, they either need to leave or read the group clinic agreement and consent

5. Join 10 minutes early.

Click on the group clinic link 10 minutes before the start time. This provides time for us to help with your technology if you need it; especially the first time you are joining.

6. Use your first name and the initial of your surname when you sign in

For example, "Bob T".

This preserves your privacy

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