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What is Anima?

Anima seamlessly and confidentially integrates with your medical record bringing improvements to how you access care and appointments and how our staff assess your condition. While you are still able to call the surgery, the online triage form through Anima will ask you the same questions, streamlining the process. This is another option for our patients to use to contact us about a medical problem, admin request or ask a simple question.

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Anima Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I access Anima?

Anima is not yet integrated with NHS app (expected 2024) so please access it via our website.

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When can I access Anima?

You will be able to access Anima between 8am and 6.30pm Monday to Friday except Bank holidays.

Kindly note that we do have a cap on number of requests received depending on our capacity for the day, after which you will not be able to submit request.

However, you are able to access the self-help links 24 hours a day 7 days a week via your Anima account, NHS Website or StopThinkChoose website.

What happens if I have more than one issue?

If possible we would like to request you to limit your online consultation request to no more than one clinical problem per week.

Please submit one request per problem, this may mean you are submitting more than one request. This will allow us to gather more accurate information to help you with your problem. If you submit more than one problem, the Clinician will select the problem they consider to be the most urgent. You may then be required to submit further requests for each of the additional problems you are experiencing.

When will I get a response back?

We aim to respond to all medical requests by the end of next working day, and administrative requests within 5 working days. If you have urgent problem, please ring the surgery.

What about the elderly/vulnerable/less tech-savvy or people with no internet?

Patients who have access to internet and are able to use the service are encouraged to use it or get someone to help, otherwise please call the surgery as usual on the practice telephone number.

What about my child/dependant?

Parents/Guardian/Carers can submit an online consultation form on behalf of the patient.

You will need to add them to your account. Once you sign in, click ‘Settings’, then ‘Dependants and Children’ and enter their details. We recommend you do this in advance, as we may need to manually verify your relationship to the dependant.

You need to be registered with Waterfield House to have an Anima account. You cannot create an account just to submit requests for a dependant.

Please read Consent to treatment of children and young people for more details.

But I need to be seen?

Your online consultation request will be reviewed by GP and if you need to be seen for a face-to-face appointment, you will be advised of this by the GP.

What happens if my condition is not listed on Anima?

At the bottom of the list please click 'My problem isn't listed above' and proceed.

Can I submit photos?

You may be asked to submit a photo with your request to help us diagnose you. However, please do not include photos of intimate areas - for example genitalia or breasts.

I completed a request on Anima, but I have not heard back from the practice.

In Anima, you have the ability to view the Status of your request by logging into your patient account. On your Dashboard, you will see all the requests "In progress." However if you have not heard back from the practice by the end of the next working day, please contact the surgery who will deal with this promptly.

I have an administrative request.

You can submit admin requests via Anima such as requesting a fit note (sick note), updating personal details, cancelling appointment, etc. Please note that the administrative requests will be processed within the timescale already defined by the surgery.

I have a prescription request.

Our first choice of requesting your repeat prescription is via your NHS App. You wont be able to submit prescription request via Anima.

I have a question that is not listed here

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