Total Triage

Starting from 1st June 2023, we are changing the way all appointments are booked with GPs and Healthcare Professionals at Waterfield House Surgery. (For all nursing appointments please call us on 01892 825488)

Introducing Online Consulation to Prioritise Your Needs

To address the increasing demand for appointments, we are introducing Online Consulation. This system ensures that patients who require immediate attention get the appointments they need.

Why the Change?

We recognise the frustrations of waiting in long queues, both on the phone and at the surgery’s front door, trying to book an appointment only to be told that there are no more available appointments.  Many patients book appointments that may not be necessary, causing delays for those in urgent need. In the recent paper, “Delivery plan for recovering access to primary care”, NHSE highlighted the benefits of clinician triage and modern online tools, leading to higher patient satisfaction rates.

What is the Total Triage Model of Care

The Total Triage Model of Care means that every appointment or request for advice will be triaged by a clinician to ensure timely and appropriate care. Our easy-to-use online consultation forms gather crucial information, enabling us to arrange appointments when necessary.

Submit Online Consults effortlessly

Submit your queries and requests easily and quickly from the homepage on our website or on your NHS App. If you have any issues or difficulties doing this, our helpful receptionists are available to assist you.

Can I Still Ring You?

Yes! You can still contact us by telephone. However, rather than our receptionist letting you know that there are no more appointments available, they will instead redirect you to our online consulation form on our website or on your NHS App. Those who cannot access the online triage forms themselves or through a friend/relative please contact reception to help you fill out the online consultation form.

Online Availability

Having an online triage system means that you are able to tell us your needs at a time that suits you better. The form is available to be filled out between 8am and 6.30pm every weekday.  However, after 4.30pm, you may not get a same day response.

Who will decide if I need an appointment?

When you fill out the online consultation form,  clinician will review and evaluate the information you provide. Based on the details you provide, the clinician will determine the most suitable course of action for your care. To ensure the most accurate assessment possible, it is preferable that you provide as much relevant information as possible. If the clinician requires further information, they will request it from you. Alternatively, if your medical needs can be addressed through the pharmacy or urgent treatment center, they will direct you accordingly. In some cases, the clinician may also provide you with a self-booking link to schedule an appointment.

Embracing Change for Better Patient Care

We understand change can be challenging, but we are committed to providing you with a safe and efficient service. Our new strategy will help meet your needs effectively.

Join us on this journey towards improved care!