Cancer Care Support 

This page is dedicated to patinets suffering with cancer and their families and supporters. You can access support through various resource links:

Cancer patients (<65yrs) are entitled to free prescriptions. You can get a form to apply for the certificate from your GP, pharmacy or your cancer clinic. Your GP or hospital doctor will need to sign the form. For more information click here.

Cancer patients can get help with bills and housing costs

You can  access grants for those who are in need.

Cancer patients can get mental health support they often want by meeting like minded people including counseliing at the Pickering Cancer Centre

We Are With You also offers Counselling Service.

Anyone with metastatic cancer might need more support and can be referred to the Hospice in the Weald. The hospice can offer help with benefits as DS1500, Counselling, access to alternative treatments, symptom control advice. Nurses and Doctors can refer directly or if the patient needs thinking time they can self refer later.

Spouse, Children and Family often will become carers, you can get in touch with Cross Roads to access support.